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The Best designs for kitchen chimney

A chimney is essential in the kitchen as it helps to absorb excess oil, steam, and heat, directing them away outdoors. It is a perfect combination of performance, looks, and technology. A chimney is a very necessary kitchen appliance that removes smoke and fumes from the kitchen making it odor-free. Where traditionally people were hooked into exhaust fans, now mostly they like installing a chimney in their kitchen. Add a style statement in your kitchen with a stylish and slant look of the hood. Straight-line Chimney is a classic straight-line hood cast in matt steel. It can be fitted against the wall or directly below the cabinet above the hob and ensure a smoke-free environment. It comes with bi-rotational technology and stainless steel baffle filters which are removable for the purpose of cleaning. The mounting of the kitchen hoods makes smart use of space. The designer’s range of chimneys is crafted with futuristic designs to accentuate the value of your kitchen. Made with high-end glass and matt finish steel, these designer pieces are worth an investment of various. Various brand are available on my stores such as Hind ware, Elica, GLEN, Pigeon, Kaff, Sun flame, and more

Nowadays mostly Indians love to prepare kebab, grilled vegetables at home, and Smokey chicken. But due to smoke and haze, you do not like to prepare these delicacies at home. a chimney is the best option to get rid of food smells and smoke emanating from grilled food items. Based on your kitchen space, you can choose from Island chimney, Designer & Decorative Chimney, and Straight Line chimney.
Straight-line chimney: Straight-line chimney is installed in such a way that they’re not clear and blend in with the kitchen. These chimneys are suitable for people who do not want to showcase the presence of the chimney in the kitchen’s interior design.
Designer chimney: it lends an elegant look to your kitchen space that can instantly elevate your kitchen interiors. A great feature is their silent operation which makes them suitable for maintaining a relaxed cooking zone

Buy Advanced, Sleek and Elegant Chimney for High End Kitchens | Wall Mounted Hoods Or Island chimneys